The Seven Magnificent Benefits Of Investing Profits Back Into Indie Films

1. We attract great filmmakers

People love working on films recognised and respected by their peers, so our business model enables us to collaborate with professionals not usually found in a small production company of our size. For example, our post supervisor and production designer have both worked on BAFTA-winning films. This means our clients always have access to the cream of the crop.

2. We can scale up or down to suit you

We are lucky to have a small core team, with an extended network of brilliant collaborators, so we can scale up or down quickly for any project. This keeps our overheads low and client costs down while allowing us to remain agile and reactive.

3. We keep commercial work creative

By giving our team the opportunity to work on personal projects as well as commercial films, we keep everyone fresh, engaged, and excited. No one gets bored working at x, and these qualities carry through to our commercial work. We work, play, and create together. And it shows.

4. We can tell a story

We don’t just shoot films; we conceive and script them too. Everyone at x, from the bookkeeper to the managing director, has produced or directed a film, so we have a unique creative resource at our disposal. Digital content requires a different approach to traditional ad production, and no one is better placed to tell those stories than people with a passion for short film.  

5. We innovate

Experimenting and playing with new tech for our own projects is one of our favourite pastimes. We tinker with octocopters, head rigs, live tracking, and interactivity, and then bring this expertise to our clients, with award-winning results.

6. We are a full-service company

Funding our own films means we've had to invest in the latest technology in order to be able to bypass Soho and get from script to screen without relying on anyone else. Most of the films in our showreel were graded in-house, and we can provide everything, from sound design right through to a DCP, from our humble studio. This brings huge cost benefits to the people we work for.

7. We make your money go further

Putting the money on the screen is our ultimate aim. The biggest benefit to our clients is that we bring an indie film sensibility to everything we do. We can solve problems in a unique way, and always make your money go further – ensuring it goes towards making the best film for you. Get in touch and we'll give you some concrete examples of innovative thinking, which brought huge cost savings for our clients.

We have worked with x on a number of projects and it’s always nothing short of an absolute pleasure. The team who work there are professional, extremely talented and great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.
— Tom Jenkins, Channel Manager at The Connected Set