x Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For New iShorts3 Film

x is very proud to announce that our new film Perfect Monster (dir. Matt Harris-Freeth) has been commissioned as part of BFI and Creative England's iShorts3 scheme.

Perfect Monster has been chosen along with fifteen other scripts from more than 400 entries to this year’s scheme. One of the requirements of the award is to launch a crowdfunding campaign for some additional funds, so we’ve decided to take a rather unusual approach.

We’re NOT asking for £5 in return for a social media shout-out. We’re NOT asking for £50 in return for a lousy T-shirt. We’re NOT asking for £500 in return for us coming to your house and making you breakfast in bed (otherwise known as an Executive Producer credit).

Instead, we've gone for one pledge fits all, and it's only £2. Bargain. Check it out here.