Matt Harris-Freeth

Matt is an award-winning director with over a decade of experience directing and editing music videos for some of the most well-known artists in the world. He also directs commercials and promos for global brands and agencies.

Matt’s award-winning narrative short films have screened at Oscar- and BAFTA-qualifying festivals around the world, including Atlanta Film Festival, Encounters, and London Short Film Festival. He also won Best Short Film at the Royal Television Society West Awards 2016 and 2017.

His work is visually playful with a strong identity. From divorce and spaceships to violent relationships and monsters, Matt’s passion is for genre films grounded in reality but with a sense of wonder. Matt is currently developing a number of feature films, one of which he recently took to the BFI weekender.

Showreel: Matt Harris-Freeth

Drama: Crocodile

Music Video: Boy Who Ran Away (Mystery Jets)